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Proven Services to Benefit our Accounting Clients

  • Success Rate – 100% success rate placing Accounting C-Suite & Senior Executive Hires across the United States since 2000

  • 24/7 automated inbound system - Covers 97% of the Accounting marketplace, matching you with the best performing Accounting executives in the United States.

  • Save Time and Energy – Get the best Accounting executive candidates by receiving only the top 3-5 Accounting candidates from the top 97% of Accounting executive candidates in the United States.

  • Ongoing Accounting Executive Candidate Quality Rating System -We have built a Talent Pool of thousands of verified Accounting Executive Candidates (ask us for the list) in the United States.

  • Vetted and Proven - Quality Driven Accounting Executive Candidate checks for Quality, Referencing & Skill testing

  • 21-year Database of 90,000 Accounting Executive Candidates -offers Niche hard-to-find Accounting Executive Candidate from the United States.

Serving our Accounting within:

  • Affordable Housing and Community Development

  • Major Service Dedicated to Education, Health and Well-being, and Social Services

  • Federally Qualified Health Centers and Other Community Health Centers

  • Leading Philanthropic Foundations and Trusts, Including Family and Alumni Foundations, Charitable Trusts and Corporate Philanthropic Arms

  • Prominent Testing, Credentialing and Accreditation Bodies

  • Disease-Focused Organizations

  • Health Conversion Foundations and Hospital and Health Plan Foundations

  • Economic Development Bodies

  • International, National, State, Regional, Member Associations

  • Historical Museums, Libraries, Archives

  • Other Leading Mission-Driven Civic and Cultural Institutions

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